Saturday, January 26, 2013

10 Cartoons That Should Be Made Into Live Action Movies

In the last decade nearly every cartoon you can remember has had a live action movie made in it's honor.  From the likes of Transformers and G.I. Joe, all the way to Garfield and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Well I have composed a list of ten that deserve the same treatment, mainly for visual purposes, I'm not saying the storyline would hold up for a two hour film, but think of how cool it would look if it was done the right way.  Just to clarify, I don't mean people walking around in goofy costumes, I mean the full on CGI special effects of modern day movies applied to these favorites.

10. Biker Mice From Mars

The Reason:  Hello?  Human sized alien mice riding motorcycles and fighting monsters and robots.  'Nuff said.

9. TaleSpin

The Reason:  Who wouldn't want to see a talking bear maneuver a cargo plane through countless air chases, and remember it's not just any bear, it's Baloo from The Jungle Book, seems like a good mix of action and comedy.

8. Darkwing Duck

The Reason:  He is the terror that flaps in the night.  Don't act like you don't remember the catchphrase "Let's get dangerous."  He's something like a duck version of Batman, and while that's reason enough, add to that the fact that he wasn't nearly as bright and had a habit of clumsily falling or making big mistakes but in the end always lucked out and prevailed against evil.

7. Animaniacs

The Reason:  Heeelllooo Nurse!  It'd be way more entertaining than another Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, plus it was originally brought to us by Steven Spielberg, put him back in the mix, then release these characters in the real world, and expect up to date pop culture references, celebrity cameos, and cartoon physics.  You know you'd see it in theatres.

6. The Tick

The Reason:  (And I don't mean like the live action show, I'd rather see him in CGI looking all Hulk-esque.)  Pretty much the same reasons I listed for Darkwing Duck, except this guy's only real power is being nigh invulnerable, which basically means he can get his ass kicked and then jump right back up and shout "Spoon!" before pummeling evil into the ground.  Not enough?  He's surrounded by countless super hero parodies, many of whom have the least useful superpowers imaginable, oh and his worst enemy is Chairface, a super villain with a chair for a head.

5. Captain Planet

The Reason:  Let's set it in the near future, the ozone layer is nearly depleted, the ocean is infested with oil, and the polar caps are melting rapidly, doom is eminent.  It's up to the Planeteers, and a more modernized/kickass version of Captain Planet to do something about it.  There are plenty of super villains to choose from for this movie, but I'd like to see British Petroleum involved somehow.

4. Gargoyles

The Reason:  With nearly every comic book character and super hero having a movie nowadays, I'm really surprised this one hasn't been made yet.  It's the only one with a serious feel on the list so far, it would be great if done like the last few Batman movies.  They're gargoyles, they turn into stone during the day, they have super strength and can fly.  I don't even think I need to list anymore reasons, but there are plenty.

3. Pinky And The Brain

The Reason:  Everyone loves them.  One is a genius...the other is insane.  Two mice attempting to take over the world, there it is short and sweet.  Be sure to imagine two actual mice playing the part.  The Brain, I'm thinking, should be voiced by Liam Neeson.

2. AAAHH!!! Real Monsters

The Reason:  Think back to everything you remember about this show, and tell me it wouldn't be an insanely awesome live action movie.  It's nothing like Monster's Inc, these guys are disgusting and can actually be scary.  Remember Ickis, Oblina, and Crumm, oh and of course their teacher The Gromble?

1. Street Sharks

The Reason:  I'll tell you what, you try to come up with one reason why it wouldn't be a kick ass live action movie.  Can't do it?  That's what I thought.  Imagine giant walking sharks with the Hulk's arms, diving under the asphalt and swimming through the streets with their dorsal fins sticking out.  If directed the right way, the visuals would be insane.

Expect a sequel to this post, there are plenty more cartoons that deserve the live action movie treatment, but this is just ten of them for the time being.

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