Friday, January 18, 2013

Just a Quickie

Guess who's back back from the dead.  I've been really busy with super important meetings and errands lately so it's been hard for me to find time to post more content on here, and by super important meetings and errands I mean video games and hardcore chilling.  So you want more stuff for your brainhole?  I actually don't know what I'm referring to there, but anyway here goes.

Search Expired Domain Names
If you are starting a website and need a domain name, sometimes it's easier to just search through the ones that are expired, it saves you all the time of having to be creative and original.  It is also fun to check these lists because you won't believe some of the domain names that people actually paid for, one of the more noticeable ones was ""

Review Your Website
Woorank reviews your website for you and brings to your attention anything that can be fixed or tweaked, I am just using the free trial, and that alone is very in depth, and helpful.

Mind Map Online
Use to mind map online.  Don't know what mind mapping is?  Well it's the easiest and most effective way to brainstorm, I have been using a program for years called Freeplane, which is a freeware, but this link makes it even more convenient with no download.  I still recommend checking out Freeplane because of the additional features.
I know I know, you've definitely already been using this site for a long time.  But for those who haven't heard of it, good lord, do yourself a favor and go here.  This site is an enormous community that posts links to interesting stuff, or memes, or just about anything else.  It's a congregation of every social type imaginable, from atheists to devout believers, liberals to conservatives and everything in between, you'll find a subreddit for any interest you can imagine, go there.
A daily list of crazy news stories and random articles from around the net.  I recommend that you check it out to get your weird news fix.  I could scan this website all day, you know what?  That sounds like a pretty good plan, I'll see you guys later.  Don't worry, I'll be back with more links soon.

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