Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unique Links

Hey guys, welcome back, it's time for more unique links.  Remember the simple way of getting back to this site to keep track of new content is  Be sure to check out all of the other unique links throughout the blog if you haven't already.

Mantis Shrimp
This thing looks like a cross between a lobster and a praying mantis, and at first I thought it was photoshopped, but these things are real, and probably the scariest shrimp in the world.

17 Genetically Engineered Hybrid Animals
Sure these may looked photoshopped but they are all actually real hybrid animals created in a lab...okay so they are photoshopped, but they're still pretty awesome.

Surprised Animals
Here are some hilarious pictures of animals that look like they were just told the most shocking news ever.

Wild Animals as Pets
Here is a series of pictures showing domesticated wild animals, a lion in the bed, a baby elephant that thinks it's a dog, goes well with the last link.

Comic Book Characters Redesigned
If you're a comic book fan, this site is something you'll surely enjoy.  They take all of your favorite characters and redesign them, different artists submit their creations, some of them are not so impressive, but some of them will blow your mind.

Super Skrull Redesign Concept
Of all of the ones I've seen on Project Rooftop, this one is my favorite, just had to showcase it specifically.

Pat Robertson Making Sense?
Well a little bit at least.  The same guy who said that God told him Mitt Romney would win, and then after the election said that he misheard him...actually makes some sense in this discussion about the age of the Earth.  C'mon people, if he can figure it out, there's no excuse.

Legalize It
I'm not entirely sure how this site gets it's statistics, or for that matter if it is entirely accurate, but I'd love to think it is.  It shows the percentage of people that think marijuana should be legalized, for medicinal purposes, or just recreational use.  Some of the people that seem to be in support of legalization, or at least decriminalization are shocking.  From politicians, to police officers, to fox news hosts(what!?) to even, you guessed it...Pat Robertson.

10 More Things You Didn't Know
Man, you gotta love  I can't get enough of that site, it always has some of the most creative lists, and they aren't afraid to think outside of the box.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chill...I got this

More original memes made by yours truly.  I did not create the images...except for the stick figure.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Websites For Your Entertainment

It's been a few days since I've posted any new links on here, and the only excuse I have is that I've gotten addicted to a certain game that I haven't been able to peel myself away from long enough to make a good list of links.  The first link I will give will take you to that game, and you probably won't even bother with the rest if you're like me, because once you get started with this game, it's easy to want to play just long enough to level up just one more time, and then again, and again.

ShellShock Live 2
It looks just like all of those other tank games, where you're on one side of the screen, trying to line up the trajectory of your shot to hit somebody on the other side of the screen.  It looks that way, but under the surface this game has so much going for it that past renditions have lacked.  For one, it is multiplayer with an in game chat, but that's not really revolutionary is it?  It has an arsenal of different types of shots, and you unlock new weapons every time you level up.  Ah yes, you gain experience every time you battle, and level up to unlock new features and maps.  Your weapons also level up.  There are many different game modes.  I could go on and on.

If you're a musician, chances are you've heard of this site, but if not, get over there now.  It's like social networking with music, it's a lot easier to share the link to your SoundCloud page than to pass out demos, and it's easy to keep track of how many people listen to each song, who downloaded, and who's following you.  If you're not a musician, but a big music fan, this is a great place to find a ton of underground music.

Pixlr is basically Adobe PhotoShop in your browser.  It's free, and very easy to use, and convenient if you use more than one computer throughout the day.  There are a wide range of filters and effects you can use, and everything is highly customizable, and you can edit pictures by layers.

The Colossal Squid Exhibition
As always I try to include an interactive website.  In this one you can design a colossal squid and then set him free.  Building the squid is pretty fun, and you can drag him around like a rag doll, after you set him free you can return and visit him later on to see how much weight he's gained and how far he's traveled.

10 Psychological Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong
I love weird, and I love lists, and this is a combination of the two, so what's not to enjoy?  Not much else to say.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Overly Critical Guy Says...

The last few memes I tried to make were not well received, according to internet law a meme can't have many words, those words can't be big, and the only goal period for a meme is for it to become popular.  With that said I've come up with a new formula.  I use the same picture, so as not to overwhelm your sensory organs, because god knows reading is already hard enough as it is.  So here goes, these memes are catering to the feedback I've received and some of them are more or less direct quotes.

Overly critical guy says:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ron Swanson and The Dos Equis Guy Memes

I'm dedicating this post to Ron Swanson and the Dos Equis Guy.  I know, you probably see memes for these two characters all the time.  But I made these up myself, so they are completely original, and feel free to use them wherever you like.

Friday, November 23, 2012

6 More Websites Worth Visiting

Compiling a plethora of websites that are actually worth the time of exploring takes quite a lot of time.  It sounds like quite a simple process, just surf the internet for hours at a time, and link to the things you come up with.  In reality it's a bit tougher than that, sure I do come upon websites that hold my interest, or are pretty fascinating, but I am trying to bring you to you the top of the line content.  So sadly, a lot of links that are pretty good don't make the list, of course you can't please everyone every time, so before you check out a link, read the description to see if it appeals to you, because some of this stuff isn't for everybody.  With that said, I try to include various categories so you'll at least find a few gems in these lists you'll enjoy.

The Travel IQ Challenge
Think you know a lot about geography?  This test will probably prove you wrong.  On the other hand, if you're aware that you don't know the location of any countries or cities besides New York and London, well this is a fun way to learn a bit.  It's much more fun than it sounds, and it's really addictive too, the levels get harder as you go, and the end product is you'll know a little bit more about where other countries and cities are.

Inhale The Web
This search engine is a pretty innovative way to explore the web, and an easy way to browse through the results.  No matter your interests, with this I'm sure you'll find a few websites you'll wish you'd always known about.

These are some very fun quotes in my opinion, according to the link, a paraprosdokian is a statement where the beginning of the statements makes you expect one thing, and the second part of the sentence is unexpected.  Surprisingly, many of these funny sayings aren't posted all over the internet, so expect to add some new quotes to your arsenal.

Solar System Scope
A solar system simulator, and man is it a beauty.  You'll feel like you're floating freely through space with a grand view of what's unfolding in our star system.  Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Google Sight Seeing
All over the internet are those lists of the "Top 10 Weird Sights on Google Earth" or "The 10 Funniest Google Street Views."  Well this one allows you to search by whatever category you want and has plenty of things to see.

Europe Reimagined
Well we all know Italy looks like a boot, but what do other countries in Europe look like to creative people?  I sure wish I had looked at these before I played the Travel IQ Challenge, sure would have helped to remember the shape of certain countries.

7 More Links To Kill Boredom

Are you still suffering from boredom?  Spending hours surfing through bland and boring websites?  Looking for something to distract you from having nothing to do?  Well here I am again to deliver you some handpicked websites that will hopefully make time fly by for you.  I know that while searching through the endless pool of flavorless websites, these ten stuck out from the rest, and some of these really made me lose track of time, so hopefully these will do the trick.  Here goes, in no particular order.

Zombie Knights
It should be no surprise that a Kongregate game makes the list.  In this game you play a zombie with ability to summon zombies and skeletons to fight at your side.  You also have other skills that you can purchase with the coins you collect.  There is a wide range of gear to collect/buy/wear, that can give you extra abilities that will help you defeat the waves of baddies that want your blood.

The Legend of Cat Lee
Apparently this game is influenced by a nick toon?  I don't know who Cat Lee is, and I would never have known this was a Nickelodeon game because it is so intense.  In this game, once again you are killing hordes of enemies, but this time you are shooting.  With a skill tree that reminds me of Final Fantasy X, a large variety of runes to collect, that can increase different attributes, and the ability to teleport, this game isn't like anything else I've played.  The number of levels and surprising difficulty make this game pretty hard to finish, but who wants a game that you can run through in five minutes?

Fly Guy
I don't know that I would really consider this one to be a game,  but it is pretty entertaining for what it really is, which an interactive cartoon of sorts.  It's artistic, it's abstract, the music is entertaining so be sure to play it with your sound on.  Also, upon playing it the second time around, I realized that I missed a few things, so try to fully explore from left to right before ascending any higher.

18 Games Like Minecraft Lens
Another Squidoo lens, this one features several games that are either almost exact clones of Minecraft, or have similar mechanics or concepts involved.  Many of these are free, and if you don't have the money (What was it $5?) to buy Minecraft, then simply use a free alternative.  If you've never tried Minecraft, either having never heard of it, or thought it didn't seem like something you'd enjoy, I dare you to try a free version, and tell me you spend countless hours playing this game.

Free PC Games
Well if Minecraft is just not your type of game, this Squidoo lens features a ton of free PC games, and everyone of them is the full version.  So if you're super bored, choose from a ton of free games to download, and try them out.  It's easy to kill boredom and lose track of time when you're fully immersed in a game you enjoy.

I Used to Believe
This is a pretty hilarious website where people list what they used to believe when they were younger.  Occasionally you'll run across one that doesn't really make any sense, as in it's incoherently written, but for the most part the posts are very entertaining, and might remind you of some of the silly things you used to believe when you were growing up.

This is really just a true or false game, but so many of the facts go against common knowledge that it's not as simple as you think, but it certainly is fun and addictive.  It also shows the percentage of people that have gotten it wrong before you even answer, I can't stay away.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kicking Boredom's Ass

Boredom, it can afflict you when you least expect it, and what's worse is if you don't have the right tools at your disposal it can be near impossible to get rid of.  With a highspeed connection and an entire internet full of content to explore, one would think boredom would vanish into obscurity.  Well the problem with that theory is that there are simply too many websites out there, and most often search engines won't help you if you don't know what you're looking for.  Well that's why was created.  If ever you are bored, and have explored through all your bookmarks, and think that you've visited every website worth visiting, remember Nothing is False is here for you.  My goal is to take that boredom, and kick it's ass with a versatile list of links every day to keep you intrigued.  No more googling "I am bored" or "kill some time" or any other similar phrases.  Nothing is False=The Cure For Boredom.

Weird Cupcakes
 This is a Squidoo lens(there's lots of good ones), dedicated to some of the strangest cupcake flavors and recipes from across the land.  Some of these sounds weirdly appetizing, others sound insanely repulsive.

Impact Earth has created this awesome simulator where you can customize a meteor, and slam it into the earth to see the affects.  Pretty cool in my opinion, will it create a mega tsunami?  Will it explode the entire planet?  Only one way to find out.

What's Deadlier than a Shark?
I think this list was originally designed to make you fear sharks less, little did they it only makes me more scared of deer.

Superpower Infographic
I love infographics, and I love super heroes, put them together and bam, something worth reading for comic book fans.

Video Game Name Generator
I usually don't find name generators amusing, but this one would work great for naming your band, or your website, or you username for a forum or video game, or even a football team.  That is, if you want to have a truly original name.

Chain Reaction The Game
I'm fairly certain I've played a few variations of this game, but it never gets any easier, and it never loses it's play value.  Use a combination of tactics and luck to start a chain reaction, and accomplish the goal set for each level.  It gets harder and harder as you go.

Futuristic Materials
What's cooler than looking at futuristic types of materials?  Absolutely nothing.  Plastic was a very revolutionary tool when it first came out, obviously aluminum, steel, and even bronze changed the entire world when they were first discovered, but what's next?  Here's a list of a few materials that will shake the world up when go into production.

DiY Tricks
There are a ton of these lists out there on the web, but this one has a pretty large array of helpful tricks for making life a little easier.  The wrapping a wet paper towel around a drink and sticking it in the freezer is one I find very useful.

Real Life Moby Dick
Okay, so Moby Dick was a sperm whale, and this one is a humpback whale, but still that's pretty mind blowing.  I remember sharing a link to an all white killer whale, and it said statistically speaking it may very well have been the only all white killer whale on the planet, so this find is truly captivating.

Which of these do you fall into?  I'd say I'm somewhere between post rocker and faux hip hop if I had to put a label on myself, but I don't like to fit into any box.  But this is a pretty funny list, because I live near a college town and see a lot of these "tribes" represented.

Interactive Visual
This one may not hold your interest for too long, but it sure is beautifully designed.  I can't tell if those bubbles are supposed to represent star systems or atoms, or maybe neither, in fact it's most likely something more abstract, but either way, it looks amazing.
If you love comic books and just can't enough information, or just need to brush up on what's going on today in the Marvel Universe, this site has a nearly endless treasure trove of info.  For instance I had no clue that Colossus was now the Juggernaut, super badass.

Make a Southpark Character
This one is already pretty popular, and there's a good chance you've already tried it out.  But if you haven't it's an easy way to kill some time.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mega Post

Mega Post
Setting up the new site has entailed a lot of time and work for the last few days, not to mention I had to backtrack on all the promoting I had already done, and make sure the url was up to date. I say all that boring stuff to say this, to make up for the fact that I haven't been making posts as often as I would like to for the last couple of days, I decided to make up for it by giving you guys a truckload of interesting and worthwhile links. I'll even have to make a few extra categories to make it easier to navigate. This is for all of you, who have followed my move, or have been supporting me and sending feedback via email. As always, hope you all enjoy.

Free Online Games
A fun game that requires a bit of intelligence and logic, it seems too easy at first, but just wait. I had to pull myself away from it to continue with the blog, so I'm not sure how far it goes, but it's definitely worth the time.
This one isn't too long, but it sure is fun. You have to cooperate with yourself to finish this game...It's harder than it sounds.
Simple physics based game, well the idea is simple, it slowly gets tougher. I also really enjoy the instrumental that's playing, very soothing, makes for a nice casual gaming experience.

A cartoon image depicting every famous robot you can think of.
Logic according to video games, I struggled to decide on whether or not to categorize this as humorous, or make a new category for video game humor, but then I decided to create a new category that encompasses a little more. If you're a gamer, these will make you laugh.
Are you a geek with too much money? This site will definitely take care of the latter problem. Honestly if you like video games, comic books or anything "nerdy" then do yourself a favor and check this one out.
Not sure if you're a nerd or not? If you can read this one, then the answer is yet.

You know I love cool visuals on my websites, and I love it even more when it's combined with music. Enough said.
Speaking of cool visuals, yes it's just a clock/calendar but it sure looks cool.
Again with the music and the visuals. This one is fairly simplistic, but worth the visit.

I put this under humor, but in my mind it's actually not all that humorous, I don't think I'd be able to sleep at night having just bought a personal private jet, knowing how much good that money could do to fight poverty.
A little sexist, but remember it's filed under humor, which protects me from you being able to get mad about it. With that said, this is a pretty accurate depiction of the difference between men and women. presents expectations versus reality. Ah, so true, so true.
A short political cartoon showing the difference, or similarities between liberals and conservatives.
Another political one, this one is also short and sweet.
Another political cartoon, I guess politics is the theme of the humor section this time. Poor guy has a lot on his plate.

I can't get enough infographics, it makes it easy to take in a large amount of information very quickly. This link shows, over time, which countries had control over which areas of North America. It may surprise you to see exactly who laid claim to certain areas of the U.S. and Canada in the past.
This one shows the evolution of humans over millions of years, and contains a lot of information about the hominids that came before us.
The psychology of how the colors used in logos can effect your mind state. All laid out in a beautiful infographic.
More about how colors can affect your mentality. This one is more about what colors fit which rooms, but also goes into a few logos as well.

Information presents the biggest breakthroughs in science of 2011, yea it's a little late, but if you aren't up with the times on science, and even if you are, I'm sure some of these sneaked past you.
Ready to have your mind rocked with information? These facts will shake up your view of everything.
Technologies we should expect to see in the next ten years or so. Some of these are truly mind blowing. The list was apparently made in collaboration with Intel, those guys know their technology.

Quick and easy do it yourself project that's end result turns out to look pretty cool.
Lots of do it yourself projects, some of which will blow your mind with their simplicity, all of which look awesome

Less Mainstream Social Networking Sites

Tonight I only have a couple of links for you, but hopefully you'll find that they are well worth checking into. Many decades ago (okay, so more like 7 years) I had a myspace page that I rarely ever used. When Facebook came around I didn't see what all the hype was about, and to this day I only gave in once to make an account. I deleted it within 10 minutes, nothing against it, it's just not for me. But since starting this site, I made a Twitter page which eh, I guess it's okay, and I've been trying out a few other sites. Here are a few, either lesser known, or at least completely original takes on social networking sites that I've found.


I must say, the reason I haven't been able to put much time into making posts lately is, I've become addicted to Squidoo. Hard to explain in a few sentences, but I'll give it a try. On squidoo you can make a blog, or a site, but on squidoo it's called a lens. You gain points for everything you do, from making a new lens, to adding pictures, to liking other's pages, to taking polls, and the list goes on. The points add up until you level up, kinda like a video game, and when you reach a new level you unlock stuff, like different features/modules/themes. You can also gain trophies for doing different things, like viewing a certain amount of other people's lenses, or making a certain amount of lenses. Another cool thing about Squidoo, is you can sell merchandise that's on from your lens, and you make a certain percentage anytime something sells. Here are a few of my lenses to give you a taste of what it's like:

The Nothing is False Lens

Free Online Game Reviews

Who Would Win? (This one is still a work in progress.)

Some other interesting social networking sites

I've actually not had much time to check this one out, but I hear it's a lot like Squidoo, maybe by the next post I'll have an update for you. From what I hear Hubpages might be a tad bit darker.

This one is a lot like Facebook, but it's still in it's beta phase, and you need an invite to join. Fear not, the link above is actually an invite provided by yours truly, and signing up is simple and free. So what's the difference that makes me jump aboard the Zurker bandwagon? Well the site is user owned, you sign up for free, there's no investment required, but by referring people you earn shares in Zurker. What's the catch? There is no catch, it's simply a brilliant marketing plan to make Zurker the next big thing. What's the big deal about getting free shares? Well if Zurker becomes even a tiny fraction of the size Facebook is now, that means you could make quite a lot of money just by spreading the word and inviting friends. See you there!

Unless you've been residing under a rock, you probably know what Pinterest is already. For those that don't know what it is, it's basically a place to share pictures, not pictures of yourself, but pictures of everything from landscapes, to bizarre animals, to mouth watering recipes, to cute animals to hilarious meme's. If you know what it is and haven't tried it out, I recommend it, I'm willing to bet after spending 5 minutes on it, you'll be hooked. Go on, give it a try.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beyond Weird

This post goes out to all the visitors that want, nay need more weird links.  I know some of you have probably seen me describe this blog as containing helpful, interesting and weird links.  And so far, yes, I've linked you to an article about a giant, mummified finger, a couple of sites about the monolithic heads on Easter Island, and showcased blogs that are unconventional.  But to those interested in the truly weird, the Easter Island heads are mainstream, I hear them all outside of my corporate headquarters chanting this in unison-  "Clove, you're just scratching the surface on weird, we want some stuff we've never read about, we want the archeological anomalies we've never seen before, and we want the wild conspiracy theories that no one in their right mind would believe!"

As I look down and see this huge crowd of people it brings a tear to my eye.  Because I am on the 56th floor, and I'm deathly afraid of heights.  But also I must say, what a feat, that must have taken a lot of practice to memorize and be able to recite such a long sentence with such accurate timing.  To all those folks down there I say, your wish is granted:

Beyond Weird brings you the 7 most terrifying archaeological discoveries.  Number 5 is my personal favorite, because if I had been the archaeologist to find it, I'd have snapped a picture of it, ran like hell out of that cave, and left the world believing I'd found proof of underground mutants.  And that would be that. bring us 20 of the strangest species found in the last 20 years.  Sure you've probably heard of the goliath bird-eating spider, but have you heard of the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, or the tube-nosed fruit bat(a.k.a the yoda bat)?

Time for a brief intermission.  At this point I would like to ask you to take a deep breath, and remember that some of the stuff that I link you guys to is not a reflection of what I personally believe.  The following links are for entertainment purposes only.  I enjoy reading whacky crackpot theories that are full of holes...ha full of holes.

Hollow Earth Theory

And some of you thought believing in an invisible omnipotent being was plain ridiculous.  I'll not go into how strange some people's belief systems are, as everyone is allowed to be believe what they want, but I would like to point out one of the strangest beliefs I've ever found in my search for the weird.  Ask yourself this though, could the Earth be hollow, with a more advanced civilization living on the inside?  Could there be a sun inside of this hollow earth that allows life to thrive?  If for a second you suspend your disbelief and read the content in the following websites, the answer is no, absolutely not, and if even for a second you hosted the theory as a possibility, well my friend, there is probably something wrong with you.  But again, it sure is entertaining to see how crazy some people truly are.
I'll start with this link because it does a pretty good job explaining the view held by hollow earth theorists.  I'd like to point out that although some of these sites seem to take themselves pretty seriously, many of them show a cartoon picture of the Earth with a large hole in it, at the top of the page.  Something else I find humorous about this attempt to explain is that this guy spends most of the article stating that there is a wealth of information out there about the hollow earth, so much so that it is hard to contain in one article.  He seems to spend most of the article stating that over and over, and when it comes time to presenting the actual information/proof, it's pretty short.  Another thing I must point out is that he tends to use the phrase "woowoo" quite a lot, that is definitely a good way to make yourself seem credible.
This is just a post in a forum, this guys explains that hollow earth is without a doubt true.  Other more sensible people reply with reasons it couldn't possibly be true, but fear not, logic and reason can not deter this guy one bit, he usually replies with something along the lines of "That's what mainstream science wants you to think."  There are actually some people that post there that seem to go along with what this guy is saying, and don't think there is any proof that the inside of the Earth is not hollow.  If you are a believer in science, don't let any of these views get you upset, just read them and laugh.
This one is pretty short but entertains a few different theories of how the Earth could be hollow, presented by people in the past.  I think hollow earth theorists have to keep at least two or three theories in circulation, that way, when science irrefutably debunks one theory, they can simply move to the next.
I loved reading this one, they take quotes from the Bible and do there best to connect them to the hollow earth theory.  It all makes sense to me now.
I had to link this one, because if you start to look into the HET, you tend to find a trend of people referencing Admiral Byrd as a reputable figure that seems to have actually gone into the hole at the pole, and written about it.  If you research Admiral Byrd on with any legit source, yes he did visit the poles on different expeditions, but you'll never find a reference to him claiming that there was a gateway to the inner earth.  Duh, the government covers that part up, they don't want you to know about the hollow earth, I'm sure they have their reasons.  Okay, I personally do believe that there are pieces of information out there that the government knows and doesn't allow the average citizen to get their hands, but seriously people?  A technologically advanced race living inside of the planet and an inner sun?
About time, supposedly hollow earth theorists are launching an expedition to find proof of the inner earth.  Okay, awesome, let us know what you find.  Funny thing is, a lot of these people believe once you get to the poles, it's not cold at all, but lush and tropical, I'd pack some winter clothes just in case.

Want more?
I didn't take the time to explore these, but if you just can't get enough, this will provide you with more hollow earth theory links, you can also google it, there are a good number of sites dedicated to showing the "proof" and probably just as many sites that debunk the idea.  I say, why waste time trying to debunk this theory?  Are there any sites that try to debunk the idea of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?  Oh, that I may need to check out, maybe it'll be in a future post.

Other Just as Crazy Theories
This one is's list of 10 ridiculous earth & moon theories, the hollow earth theory is listed, along with others, for example the flat earth theory.
If you can ignore the black background with little twinkling stars, a common theme with crazy conspiracy theory websites, and the little squares that show up in every sentence.  This one is a one of a kind theory.  It goes further than the hollow earth theory in lunacy, but I've got to give it to the writer for being original and coming up with his own crackpot theory.  One thing I love about these types of sites is how they'll show a picture, and allude to something that isn't there, or draw lines that don't line up with anything, and claim it's proof of something man made.

In Closing...

Once again I would like to say, that I'm not here to tell you what to believe or not, "Nothing is False" basically means that you are allowed to hold whatever personal truth you choose to believe.  But I for one don't submit to such crazy ideas as the hollow earth theory, or anything in the same category of craziness, I just choose to read them as a fictional story.  I do applaud the creativity and inventiveness it takes to create such an unconventional idea.  But I feel really bad for anyone that actually clings to these beliefs and turns their back on "mainstream" science entirely.  Hope you enjoyed today's journey into the weird.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

6 More Very Unique Blogs

6 More Very Unique Blogs
I know, you just can't take it anymore, you need more links. Well here comes Dr. Clove to fill your prescriptions, only instead of having a medical degree, I have an awesome degree. Is there a such thing as an awesome degree you ask? I don't know, go ask Harvard. Anyway, the staff here at Nothing is False has been working hard all day to find more links to keep you entertained...and by staff, I mean me, and by working hard, I mean surfing the internet. So without further delay, here are my choices for the most unique blogs.

Online Games
Oh, did I say without further delay?  I lied, I had to post a link to this game, it's not very long, but once you start, you will definitely have to play to the end.

Blogs of Interest
I fell in love with this blog instantly.  The combination of this guys apparent self loathing and awkward sense of humor makes it both entertaining, and entirely unique.  I wish I could get  this guy to do a guest post.  If you're reading this gweenbrick, you're awesome.
Bwahaha!  The writer of this blog does a great job of writing with an original style, and mixing these cute pictures of flowers and unicorns with harsh language.  Okay, so she does a little more than that, she often puts a hilarious spin on an otherwise pretty mundane event.  It truly is an entertaining experience from one post to the next. It's blogs like this, and the one above that I could read all day.  Fresh, and original.
Do you like comic books?  Wait let me rephrase that, I don't really care what your answer is.  If you are a Marvel Comics fan, such as myself, then you will LOVE this blog.  They are attempting to recreate EVERY character from "The Official Handbook Of the Marvel Universe" and so far they are doing an immaculate job at it.
Back to the humorous, I think this one is very much one of a kind, the artwork is nice, and I am such a fan of randomness, which he throws into his work.  On an unrelated note, I hate spellcheck, it underlined the word "throws" in the line above, and I hate it even more after writing this sentence because it didn't underline it that time.  Spellcheck why do you want to make my life a living hell?
Art?  Check.  Unconventional and weird?  Check.  Monsters?  Hell yes plus a check.  What do you get when you put all of that together?  Unconventional art of weird monsters, or if you put all the words together you get Artconventioweirmonsters.  I'm really just antagonizing my spellcheck at this point.
If you were just looking for weird and unconventional art without the monsters, well what are the odds?  That's the best way I can describe this blog, mainly because it's not easy to compare it to anything else I've ever seen before.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bringing You The Best Links

Bringing You The Best Links
Okay, I've given your brains enough time to recover from the last time I blasted through your cortex with amazingness.  Shut up spell check, you can underline amazingness all you want, but I'm not changing it.  Anyway, now it's time to slice through your face giant lava hot ninja star style with more random links.  I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Remember soundboards?  Well I don't particularly because I never really knew what their use was.  But I found this one entertaining as a hip hop fan.  It has just about every annoying adlib you can imagine from all of the most popular rappers.  Okay, so it's pretty much useless, but I can imagine clicking Too $hort's face every time I finish a sentence.
This site lets you draw with strands of silk.  Sounds mundane I know, but I tried for a good while to make something ugly, and it just isn't possible.  Also the background music made it so I just kept the tab open in the background while surfing.  Never has tweeting what I ate for breakfast felt so profound.
I know, doesn't sound very appealing.  [Long Pause]  Oh right I was writing a blog post.  Got carried away by this one for quite some time.  It's really quite simple, it drops a ball, you can draw lines that the ball will bounce against, and it makes a sound as it does so.  It will keep dropping balls, and you can end up drawing quite an elaborate design, this can turn into beautiful music, or terrible noise.  Then reset, and try it again with a completely different pattern.  You can also control the speed.  Sorry if that's a terrible description...just click the damn link, you'll enjoy it.
This one is probably as hard to explain as the last one.  I'll keep it short, make music with lots of combinations.  There's a little dude beatboxing, choose the beat, add another guy to sing the chorus, add another guy to sing the melody.  Customize said beat, chorus and melody with a few different options.  You have to try it to appreciate it.
Perfect site to go to after trying out balldroppings or incredibox, especially if you're like me and got a little out of control towards the end.  This is also a great website to keep open in tabs if you're doing any kind of writing, or if you just want a little peace.  I recommend setting it to 2 minutes, with no music and no guide.

I honestly can't get enough of this site.  I guess my sense of humor qualifies as anti-humor, because the majority of the time I say my jokes with a straight face, and people don't know I'm kidding.  Such a selfish type of humor, I know.  But you want to know what I think about anyone who doesn't get my sense of humor?  You really want to know?  Well okay, here goes, those people are all okay by me.
This showcases some of the biggest idiots in the world, and I put it under humor, but honestly after reading each one, instead of laughing I was just gritting my teeth.  How could people be so stupid?  And I remember wondering how Romney got as many votes as he I know.
The name says it all.  Plenty of funny stuff on this site that I haven't seen anywhere else.

Wonderfully Strange History

Wonderfully Strange HistoryHey again everyone, it's Clove, and this time I've brought more links that lead to sites showcasing our strange and mysterious past.  As always I don't claim that all of these sites are packed with hard evidence, or solid truths, but they are always interesting to read.  Hope you enjoy.

Strange History posts the 10 most amazing unexplained artifacts.  I've read about most of these in numerous places, but the very first one on the list is new to me, could it be Thor's hammer?
Top 10 unexplained phenomenon from  Some of them aren't so mind blowing, but finding a toad in a piece of coal(or rock) has always been one of my favorites.
Another good top ten list from  If you think you know all of the weird things that happened in history, this one will probably surprise you.
This site goes into detail about a number of archeological oddities, and then does a good job at debunking them.  So whenever you read an article about some mysterious object found, go to this site, and it'll probably have a perfectly logical explanation for it.  But if you like the mystery, steer clear of this site. has a wonderful article about Gobekli Tepe, built approximately 11,600 years ago in Turkey, it makes archeologists rethink their theories of when civilization began.

More of the Unique

More of the Unique
More links, this time I strayed from posting up the bizarre and stuck to links providing useful information in the form of infographics, and a few games for those looking to kill a little time.  Sorry for the delay on links, I was busy biting my nails while watching a live map of the election results.  And now it's time for me to celebrate!

A portable shelter for the homeless, would be nice if every homeless person could have one of these at the very least.
Find out how popular your first or last name is, or for that matter anyone's name.

In a previous post there was a link to view an estimation of the world population, and the U.S. population.  This site takes it a lot farther, and provides populations for what looks like nearly every country, as well as a wealth of additional information.
An interesting way of visualizing the world population.

Online Games
A very simple game that loads rather quickly, and is visually appealing.  A good way to kill some time, if you have it.
Another rather simple game, and I'm not normally a fan of the match three type games, but this one held my interest.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Goal of This Blog

The Goal of This Blog
Based on the randomness of the things I post, and the fact that I myself am still unsure as to what exactly I will be filling this blog with, I want to let it be known what the overall goal of this blog is, so there is no confusion.  I am not simply grabbing links out of thin air and throwing them on here to generate traffic.  Oh no, what I am doing is filtering through all of the boring and meaningless stuff on the internet and attempting to compile the most interesting(at least in my opinion) and eliminating the work for my readers.  I spend several hours a day looking through as many websites as I can, and weeding out the uninteresting, unoriginal and bland websites, and trying to bring to you anything that kept my attention enough to read the whole article or site.  Sure, some people may find the things that I think are interesting to be pointless and stupid, and that is perfectly okay, there are tons of other blogs out there that may suit you better.  But me personally, I love useful reference websites that help you visualize information, I love crazy conspiracy theories that are at least an inventive way of viewing the world, I love reading about archeological oddities that may or may not actually be real.  These types of things hold my interest, and if it takes me several hours of going through websites that are mundane, to find interesting and intriguing ones, I think of that as a service to this blog's audience.

So if you think I'm just spamming a blog with a bunch of links for no reason, or that I have some secret deals with these websites I link in order to make money or something, you're wrong.  Not only do I have no relationship or incentive to advertise these sites for people, I currently am generating absolutely zero money for blogging.  Maybe once I've put enough time into this blog to deem it worthwhile I'll start throwing ads on here or something in order to make a few pennies, but for the time being, I am just doing my best to dig through all of the things on the internet to bring you some of the gems.  I welcome any input at all, please feel free to leave comments about what you would like to see me post about.  There is also a way to subscribe hidden on the right side of the page if you want to keep up to date with what I'm posting, you have to hover over the little tab on the right and one option will be to subscribe.  Also I have just set up an email for you to send me your opinions, and please feel free to tell me what you would like to see more of, what you would like to see less of, and what is missing entirely.

I do plan to put some time into the design and add pictures to make the site more visually stimulating, but for the time being I am dedicating a lot of time to picking through as many websites as I can to bring you the ones I find interesting, and attempting to compile a good bit of content.

Email me your thoughts at

promote my blog

Thanks again,

Politics as Unusual (Election Day)

Politics as Unusual (Election Day)
Today is November 6th, 2012 and in the spirit of election day, I've decided to break a promise I made to myself and share some political links.  I was originally planning to steer clear of politics in this blog, but today I'll just have to make an exception.  I mean, honestly at this point I'm sure you've made your decision and if not, I applaud your mastery of procrastination.  Anyway, here's some political links for you.

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a big fan infographics, I think they make it easier to visualize information, without having to read every little statistic.  This chart shows what issues have been the most popular political issues, it can show the overall choices, or you can choose to filter by either Democrat or Republican.  From climate change to the economy, see what people cared about most for the last ten years or so.

(NSFW) has put together some hilarious pictures making fun of the "Binders full of women" comment.  This is a very close election, but this may be my last chance to post this up if Mitt Romney loses.  My favorite is the Bill Clinton picture.
This one is a graphic posted up by Ted McLaughlin on satirically showing the difference between Wall Street Occupiers, and the Tea Party.
Listverse provides us with some pretty hilarious debate moments.  It doesn't include any from the 2012 debates, but it does make sure to poke fun at both sides who lost due to some embarrassing gaffes.
This one will probably upset some of the right wingers, as it displays the main difference between liberals and conservatives.  The picture speaks for itself.
(NSFW) Another link from, I put NSFW next to both because they both feature some pretty adult language in there.  But I think this one is pretty hilarious.

Not Political
In the spirit of not taking my blog too seriously, and being pretty random, this one has nothing to do with politics...other than including an elephant.  It is just a mildly entertaining .gif.  Although if Romney does win today, this could be a metaphor for the Republican party's reaction.

I hope you enjoyed my election day themed post.  Please feel free to leave your comments.  And don't forget to subscribe for future posts.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Moai: The Easter Island Giant Statues

Moai: The Easter Island Giant Statues
Of course it is a topic of much discussion and mystery, how these colossal stone heads were moved without the use of modern technology, but as with all topics I post about, I do not claim to know the answers.  I just love to read about it from as many sources as possible.  Here are a few links that lead to different theories about how the statues were moved.  Some people think aliens used their advanced technology to create these stone giants to resemble themselves, others think the statues could have been walked to their location with much less effort than would be expected.  Believe what you will.
Discovery is always a website to go to if you want the facts.  At least that's my humble opinion, but I'm by no means a scientist or archeologist, so it is not my decision to make on what the "truth" is. is also a very reliable source if you want to know about anything involving science.  I tend to take this source as very reliable.
This article displays visuals on how the statues may have been walked to their location and goes into quite a bit of detail on the matter.
I don't know how credible this site is, and there is always the possibility that this picture was photoshopped, but if the picture is real, it makes you wonder if it is possible to simply walk this statue from one place to another, especially over a distance, even with a small army of individuals.  I for one love the mystery of not knowing.

4 Very Unique Blogs

4 Very Unique Blogs
As a blogger with a unique vision for my own posts, I've decided to pay homage to a few other blogs I've recently found that definitely break the mold.  There are tons of blogs out there, and I'd love to showcase any that are unconventional and intriguing.  Now, obviously so far, I have strayed from running with any one theme, but these five have done a great job at picking a topic that no one else would think of.  So yes, some of these are completely useless but have an original way of approaching the idea of blogging.   In no particular order, here goes:
Yep, these owls had a bit too much to drink the night before.  If you're looking for a bit of humor and awesome photos of owls that look drunk, I doubt you'll find an alternative to this blog.
In keeping with the theme of hiding very useful reference websites in between on the incredibly silly, this website offers tons of information in a very visually pleasing format.
Lots of one of a kind art, using less than conventional mediums.  Very cool, I'll definitely be visiting again.
Whoever made this blog is a genius in my mind.  I doubt they'll ever have to worry about competition in the blog world for their topic of choice.  Poor cheetos, isolated from their friends, and fated no never be eaten as they were meant to be.  That is, unless the homeless guy walking by doesn't adhere to the 45 minutes rule.

To the readers:  Feel free to add a comment and link us all to other unique blogs, even if they are your own.  But please refrain from posting links with adult content, thanks guys.

About Me and About this Blog

About Me and About this Blog
My name is Kevin, but I've the name Clove as my pseudonym, and yes there is a very cryptic code hidden in the name, but if I explained it here, it would eliminate the mystery.  I've decided to write a post about me, mainly because the true theme of this blog is complete randomness, so I'm allowed to do that, but also to give you a little incite into what I'm all about.  I had a lot of different ideas as a foundation for a blog, but then I decided that I often get bored with a website that sticks to one theme, and since I plan on putting a lot of time into this thing, frankly I don't want to bore myself.  Hopefully the versatile content of this blog does more to hold the audience, than to confuse them and turn them away.  I just wanted to create something fun and interesting because so many blogs, though serving their original purpose, are so linear and boring that there is little reason to return.  I'd love for you to be excited to see what I decide to post for the next day, and aim to keep you on your feet with tons of unexpected content.  I also decided to dedicate this post to writing instead of posting additional links, so that you can get to know me a little better.  I'll take this time to invite any visitors to send me comments about what you'd like to see more of in this blog.  Maybe some day I will stick to a strict theme if that's what you guys ask from me.  But for now, I'd like for my blog to mirror the inner workings of the human mind, nobody thinks about one certain topic all day everyday, instead our thoughts tend to jump from one idea to the next, at least in my opinion.  So thanks for reading, and I hope you come back to see whatever it is I decide to post next.  This blog is still a work in progress, and I'd love as much input as possible.

P.S.  If you found this post boring and completely unnecessary please let me know, and I'll refrain from similar posts in the future.  Thanks again for visiting.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

References and Weird Stuff Pt. 2

References and Weird Stuff Pt. 2
I know what you're thinking...part 2, already?  I am totally unprepared for that much awesomeness gotta let it marinade man.  To that I say shut up and take it, the internet is full of awesome references, and probably even more packed with weird stuff.  Then there would be an awkward silence for a few moments and I would add that I was totally sorry for saying shut up, I was in the moment, plus, since this is a new blog, we don't know each other well enough to joke around like that yet.  Which is exactly why you should keep coming back, that and all the freaking awesome links.

The most awesome dictionary on the web.  The words move a little so if you get seasick, stick to Websters.
Look into the stars...through your computer screen.
Interactive family tree of Greek Gods, wish they'd include deities from other regions as well.

Online Games
Literally the best and most addictive game I've ever played online.

Weird Stuff
Death is something a lot of people are uncomfortable with, especially when dying.
An elephant than can talk, what's wilder than that?
The answer to my previous question.
Everyone knows all villains have their own cat, from Dr. Klaw, to Dr. Evil.  This one must belong to Batman's nemesis Two Face.
Moby Dick is real.
Contrary to popular belief, the Flinstone's vehicle was not powered by Fred's two feet, it was just as complex as the modern automobile.
As we all know most of the staff at are archeologists while the rest are accredited scientists in various fields.

Tons of strange stuff categorized by how extremely strange they are...not really, just a slightly entertaining duo dancing in a Zebra costume.

Some Awesome Pictures

Some Awesome Picture
Just a quick post with a few websites with pictures I found very cool.
These are some very inspiring pictures.  I don't think you can look at all of them without feeling something.
Okay, I just thought the owl picture was awesome.  But this is a great site to browse photos.
Seriously?  They're not photoshopped?
I know you know about it already, but three links just didn't feel like enough.

References and Weird Stuff Pt. 1

References and Weird Stuff Pt. 1
For years I've scoured the internet for the most interesting websites and articles.  Sometimes I find myself compiling link after link of reference websites that contain a lot of useful information, and sometimes I just collect the strangest sites filled with ridiculous conspiracy theories, weird news stories, and anything between.  No I don't believe everything I read, and no I don't submit to theories that obviously have no merit, but I sure do enjoy reading them anyway.  So I'm going to do my best to categorize these links, and share a few every post, but please realize that some of them contain truly crazy ideas, that I hope you realize are there for entertainment purposes only.  Enjoy...


If you're like me, then you can never get enough information, here's a list of several I've found very helpful.
Easy to navigate timelines with everything from scientists to religion, that stretches back thousands of years.  Great reference in my book.
Endless information at the click of a mouse, remember you can't always trust everything you read on Wikipedia, but it sure is easy to find information on what you're looking for, I just suggest doing research to verify the information before you take it as fact.  I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with Wikipedia, but may not know that there are other ways of finding what you need on it without using the search bar.  I for one can't get enough lists.
Lots of information about different religions from across the planet.
A blog with a list of very useful references, I haven't even found the time to fully explore all of these websites, but if you're looking for information, odds are you'll find a helpful link here.
Ever wonder how your country compares to another as far as crime rate or education, with this site you can compare any two countries with several different categories.


Don't throw on your aluminum foil caps just yet, a lot of these websites will contain half truths or outright ridiculous ideas, but they sure are fun to read in any case.
A few interesting "examples" of the history of alien visitations on Earth.
What to do if you make contact with aliens.

Just plain weird(And more than likely false):

Again I don't claim that any of the views or ideas in these websites are true, but darn if it isn't interesting to consider.
Fossils of um...
Um...interestingly the article claims the skulls had no mouths, eyes or noses, but the picture shows all of these things, so I'm going with complete falsehood, but I guess you never know.
Egypt gives archeology the finger.

That's it for today folks.  What a strange combination right?  Hope you enjoy the mix, as I plan to keep it going.  Give me time and maybe I'll make it a little more aesthetically pleasing too.  Thanks for reading.