Sunday, November 4, 2012

References and Weird Stuff Pt. 2

References and Weird Stuff Pt. 2
I know what you're thinking...part 2, already?  I am totally unprepared for that much awesomeness gotta let it marinade man.  To that I say shut up and take it, the internet is full of awesome references, and probably even more packed with weird stuff.  Then there would be an awkward silence for a few moments and I would add that I was totally sorry for saying shut up, I was in the moment, plus, since this is a new blog, we don't know each other well enough to joke around like that yet.  Which is exactly why you should keep coming back, that and all the freaking awesome links.

The most awesome dictionary on the web.  The words move a little so if you get seasick, stick to Websters.
Look into the stars...through your computer screen.
Interactive family tree of Greek Gods, wish they'd include deities from other regions as well.

Online Games
Literally the best and most addictive game I've ever played online.

Weird Stuff
Death is something a lot of people are uncomfortable with, especially when dying.
An elephant than can talk, what's wilder than that?
The answer to my previous question.
Everyone knows all villains have their own cat, from Dr. Klaw, to Dr. Evil.  This one must belong to Batman's nemesis Two Face.
Moby Dick is real.
Contrary to popular belief, the Flinstone's vehicle was not powered by Fred's two feet, it was just as complex as the modern automobile.
As we all know most of the staff at are archeologists while the rest are accredited scientists in various fields.

Tons of strange stuff categorized by how extremely strange they are...not really, just a slightly entertaining duo dancing in a Zebra costume.

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