Friday, November 23, 2012

6 More Websites Worth Visiting

Compiling a plethora of websites that are actually worth the time of exploring takes quite a lot of time.  It sounds like quite a simple process, just surf the internet for hours at a time, and link to the things you come up with.  In reality it's a bit tougher than that, sure I do come upon websites that hold my interest, or are pretty fascinating, but I am trying to bring you to you the top of the line content.  So sadly, a lot of links that are pretty good don't make the list, of course you can't please everyone every time, so before you check out a link, read the description to see if it appeals to you, because some of this stuff isn't for everybody.  With that said, I try to include various categories so you'll at least find a few gems in these lists you'll enjoy.

The Travel IQ Challenge
Think you know a lot about geography?  This test will probably prove you wrong.  On the other hand, if you're aware that you don't know the location of any countries or cities besides New York and London, well this is a fun way to learn a bit.  It's much more fun than it sounds, and it's really addictive too, the levels get harder as you go, and the end product is you'll know a little bit more about where other countries and cities are.

Inhale The Web
This search engine is a pretty innovative way to explore the web, and an easy way to browse through the results.  No matter your interests, with this I'm sure you'll find a few websites you'll wish you'd always known about.

These are some very fun quotes in my opinion, according to the link, a paraprosdokian is a statement where the beginning of the statements makes you expect one thing, and the second part of the sentence is unexpected.  Surprisingly, many of these funny sayings aren't posted all over the internet, so expect to add some new quotes to your arsenal.

Solar System Scope
A solar system simulator, and man is it a beauty.  You'll feel like you're floating freely through space with a grand view of what's unfolding in our star system.  Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Google Sight Seeing
All over the internet are those lists of the "Top 10 Weird Sights on Google Earth" or "The 10 Funniest Google Street Views."  Well this one allows you to search by whatever category you want and has plenty of things to see.

Europe Reimagined
Well we all know Italy looks like a boot, but what do other countries in Europe look like to creative people?  I sure wish I had looked at these before I played the Travel IQ Challenge, sure would have helped to remember the shape of certain countries.

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