Sunday, November 4, 2012

References and Weird Stuff Pt. 1

References and Weird Stuff Pt. 1
For years I've scoured the internet for the most interesting websites and articles.  Sometimes I find myself compiling link after link of reference websites that contain a lot of useful information, and sometimes I just collect the strangest sites filled with ridiculous conspiracy theories, weird news stories, and anything between.  No I don't believe everything I read, and no I don't submit to theories that obviously have no merit, but I sure do enjoy reading them anyway.  So I'm going to do my best to categorize these links, and share a few every post, but please realize that some of them contain truly crazy ideas, that I hope you realize are there for entertainment purposes only.  Enjoy...


If you're like me, then you can never get enough information, here's a list of several I've found very helpful.
Easy to navigate timelines with everything from scientists to religion, that stretches back thousands of years.  Great reference in my book.
Endless information at the click of a mouse, remember you can't always trust everything you read on Wikipedia, but it sure is easy to find information on what you're looking for, I just suggest doing research to verify the information before you take it as fact.  I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with Wikipedia, but may not know that there are other ways of finding what you need on it without using the search bar.  I for one can't get enough lists.
Lots of information about different religions from across the planet.
A blog with a list of very useful references, I haven't even found the time to fully explore all of these websites, but if you're looking for information, odds are you'll find a helpful link here.
Ever wonder how your country compares to another as far as crime rate or education, with this site you can compare any two countries with several different categories.


Don't throw on your aluminum foil caps just yet, a lot of these websites will contain half truths or outright ridiculous ideas, but they sure are fun to read in any case.
A few interesting "examples" of the history of alien visitations on Earth.
What to do if you make contact with aliens.

Just plain weird(And more than likely false):

Again I don't claim that any of the views or ideas in these websites are true, but darn if it isn't interesting to consider.
Fossils of um...
Um...interestingly the article claims the skulls had no mouths, eyes or noses, but the picture shows all of these things, so I'm going with complete falsehood, but I guess you never know.
Egypt gives archeology the finger.

That's it for today folks.  What a strange combination right?  Hope you enjoy the mix, as I plan to keep it going.  Give me time and maybe I'll make it a little more aesthetically pleasing too.  Thanks for reading.

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