Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unique Links

Hey guys, welcome back, it's time for more unique links.  Remember the simple way of getting back to this site to keep track of new content is  Be sure to check out all of the other unique links throughout the blog if you haven't already.

Mantis Shrimp
This thing looks like a cross between a lobster and a praying mantis, and at first I thought it was photoshopped, but these things are real, and probably the scariest shrimp in the world.

17 Genetically Engineered Hybrid Animals
Sure these may looked photoshopped but they are all actually real hybrid animals created in a lab...okay so they are photoshopped, but they're still pretty awesome.

Surprised Animals
Here are some hilarious pictures of animals that look like they were just told the most shocking news ever.

Wild Animals as Pets
Here is a series of pictures showing domesticated wild animals, a lion in the bed, a baby elephant that thinks it's a dog, goes well with the last link.

Comic Book Characters Redesigned
If you're a comic book fan, this site is something you'll surely enjoy.  They take all of your favorite characters and redesign them, different artists submit their creations, some of them are not so impressive, but some of them will blow your mind.

Super Skrull Redesign Concept
Of all of the ones I've seen on Project Rooftop, this one is my favorite, just had to showcase it specifically.

Pat Robertson Making Sense?
Well a little bit at least.  The same guy who said that God told him Mitt Romney would win, and then after the election said that he misheard him...actually makes some sense in this discussion about the age of the Earth.  C'mon people, if he can figure it out, there's no excuse.

Legalize It
I'm not entirely sure how this site gets it's statistics, or for that matter if it is entirely accurate, but I'd love to think it is.  It shows the percentage of people that think marijuana should be legalized, for medicinal purposes, or just recreational use.  Some of the people that seem to be in support of legalization, or at least decriminalization are shocking.  From politicians, to police officers, to fox news hosts(what!?) to even, you guessed it...Pat Robertson.

10 More Things You Didn't Know
Man, you gotta love  I can't get enough of that site, it always has some of the most creative lists, and they aren't afraid to think outside of the box.  Enjoy.

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