Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Politics as Unusual (Election Day)

Politics as Unusual (Election Day)
Today is November 6th, 2012 and in the spirit of election day, I've decided to break a promise I made to myself and share some political links.  I was originally planning to steer clear of politics in this blog, but today I'll just have to make an exception.  I mean, honestly at this point I'm sure you've made your decision and if not, I applaud your mastery of procrastination.  Anyway, here's some political links for you.


If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a big fan infographics, I think they make it easier to visualize information, without having to read every little statistic.  This chart shows what issues have been the most popular political issues, it can show the overall choices, or you can choose to filter by either Democrat or Republican.  From climate change to the economy, see what people cared about most for the last ten years or so.


(NSFW) FunnyOrDie.com has put together some hilarious pictures making fun of the "Binders full of women" comment.  This is a very close election, but this may be my last chance to post this up if Mitt Romney loses.  My favorite is the Bill Clinton picture.

This one is a graphic posted up by Ted McLaughlin on bestofblogs.com satirically showing the difference between Wall Street Occupiers, and the Tea Party.

Listverse provides us with some pretty hilarious debate moments.  It doesn't include any from the 2012 debates, but it does make sure to poke fun at both sides who lost due to some embarrassing gaffes.

This one will probably upset some of the right wingers, as it displays the main difference between liberals and conservatives.  The picture speaks for itself.

(NSFW) Another link from Funnyordie.com, I put NSFW next to both because they both feature some pretty adult language in there.  But I think this one is pretty hilarious.

Not Political

In the spirit of not taking my blog too seriously, and being pretty random, this one has nothing to do with politics...other than including an elephant.  It is just a mildly entertaining .gif.  Although if Romney does win today, this could be a metaphor for the Republican party's reaction.

I hope you enjoyed my election day themed post.  Please feel free to leave your comments.  And don't forget to subscribe for future posts.

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