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Beyond Weird

This post goes out to all the visitors that want, nay need more weird links.  I know some of you have probably seen me describe this blog as containing helpful, interesting and weird links.  And so far, yes, I've linked you to an article about a giant, mummified finger, a couple of sites about the monolithic heads on Easter Island, and showcased blogs that are unconventional.  But to those interested in the truly weird, the Easter Island heads are mainstream, I hear them all outside of my corporate headquarters chanting this in unison-  "Clove, you're just scratching the surface on weird, we want some stuff we've never read about, we want the archeological anomalies we've never seen before, and we want the wild conspiracy theories that no one in their right mind would believe!"

As I look down and see this huge crowd of people it brings a tear to my eye.  Because I am on the 56th floor, and I'm deathly afraid of heights.  But also I must say, what a feat, that must have taken a lot of practice to memorize and be able to recite such a long sentence with such accurate timing.  To all those folks down there I say, your wish is granted:

Beyond Weird brings you the 7 most terrifying archaeological discoveries.  Number 5 is my personal favorite, because if I had been the archaeologist to find it, I'd have snapped a picture of it, ran like hell out of that cave, and left the world believing I'd found proof of underground mutants.  And that would be that. bring us 20 of the strangest species found in the last 20 years.  Sure you've probably heard of the goliath bird-eating spider, but have you heard of the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, or the tube-nosed fruit bat(a.k.a the yoda bat)?

Time for a brief intermission.  At this point I would like to ask you to take a deep breath, and remember that some of the stuff that I link you guys to is not a reflection of what I personally believe.  The following links are for entertainment purposes only.  I enjoy reading whacky crackpot theories that are full of holes...ha full of holes.

Hollow Earth Theory

And some of you thought believing in an invisible omnipotent being was plain ridiculous.  I'll not go into how strange some people's belief systems are, as everyone is allowed to be believe what they want, but I would like to point out one of the strangest beliefs I've ever found in my search for the weird.  Ask yourself this though, could the Earth be hollow, with a more advanced civilization living on the inside?  Could there be a sun inside of this hollow earth that allows life to thrive?  If for a second you suspend your disbelief and read the content in the following websites, the answer is no, absolutely not, and if even for a second you hosted the theory as a possibility, well my friend, there is probably something wrong with you.  But again, it sure is entertaining to see how crazy some people truly are.
I'll start with this link because it does a pretty good job explaining the view held by hollow earth theorists.  I'd like to point out that although some of these sites seem to take themselves pretty seriously, many of them show a cartoon picture of the Earth with a large hole in it, at the top of the page.  Something else I find humorous about this attempt to explain is that this guy spends most of the article stating that there is a wealth of information out there about the hollow earth, so much so that it is hard to contain in one article.  He seems to spend most of the article stating that over and over, and when it comes time to presenting the actual information/proof, it's pretty short.  Another thing I must point out is that he tends to use the phrase "woowoo" quite a lot, that is definitely a good way to make yourself seem credible.
This is just a post in a forum, this guys explains that hollow earth is without a doubt true.  Other more sensible people reply with reasons it couldn't possibly be true, but fear not, logic and reason can not deter this guy one bit, he usually replies with something along the lines of "That's what mainstream science wants you to think."  There are actually some people that post there that seem to go along with what this guy is saying, and don't think there is any proof that the inside of the Earth is not hollow.  If you are a believer in science, don't let any of these views get you upset, just read them and laugh.
This one is pretty short but entertains a few different theories of how the Earth could be hollow, presented by people in the past.  I think hollow earth theorists have to keep at least two or three theories in circulation, that way, when science irrefutably debunks one theory, they can simply move to the next.
I loved reading this one, they take quotes from the Bible and do there best to connect them to the hollow earth theory.  It all makes sense to me now.
I had to link this one, because if you start to look into the HET, you tend to find a trend of people referencing Admiral Byrd as a reputable figure that seems to have actually gone into the hole at the pole, and written about it.  If you research Admiral Byrd on with any legit source, yes he did visit the poles on different expeditions, but you'll never find a reference to him claiming that there was a gateway to the inner earth.  Duh, the government covers that part up, they don't want you to know about the hollow earth, I'm sure they have their reasons.  Okay, I personally do believe that there are pieces of information out there that the government knows and doesn't allow the average citizen to get their hands, but seriously people?  A technologically advanced race living inside of the planet and an inner sun?
About time, supposedly hollow earth theorists are launching an expedition to find proof of the inner earth.  Okay, awesome, let us know what you find.  Funny thing is, a lot of these people believe once you get to the poles, it's not cold at all, but lush and tropical, I'd pack some winter clothes just in case.

Want more?
I didn't take the time to explore these, but if you just can't get enough, this will provide you with more hollow earth theory links, you can also google it, there are a good number of sites dedicated to showing the "proof" and probably just as many sites that debunk the idea.  I say, why waste time trying to debunk this theory?  Are there any sites that try to debunk the idea of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?  Oh, that I may need to check out, maybe it'll be in a future post.

Other Just as Crazy Theories
This one is's list of 10 ridiculous earth & moon theories, the hollow earth theory is listed, along with others, for example the flat earth theory.
If you can ignore the black background with little twinkling stars, a common theme with crazy conspiracy theory websites, and the little squares that show up in every sentence.  This one is a one of a kind theory.  It goes further than the hollow earth theory in lunacy, but I've got to give it to the writer for being original and coming up with his own crackpot theory.  One thing I love about these types of sites is how they'll show a picture, and allude to something that isn't there, or draw lines that don't line up with anything, and claim it's proof of something man made.

In Closing...

Once again I would like to say, that I'm not here to tell you what to believe or not, "Nothing is False" basically means that you are allowed to hold whatever personal truth you choose to believe.  But I for one don't submit to such crazy ideas as the hollow earth theory, or anything in the same category of craziness, I just choose to read them as a fictional story.  I do applaud the creativity and inventiveness it takes to create such an unconventional idea.  But I feel really bad for anyone that actually clings to these beliefs and turns their back on "mainstream" science entirely.  Hope you enjoyed today's journey into the weird.

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