Thursday, November 8, 2012

6 More Very Unique Blogs

6 More Very Unique Blogs
I know, you just can't take it anymore, you need more links. Well here comes Dr. Clove to fill your prescriptions, only instead of having a medical degree, I have an awesome degree. Is there a such thing as an awesome degree you ask? I don't know, go ask Harvard. Anyway, the staff here at Nothing is False has been working hard all day to find more links to keep you entertained...and by staff, I mean me, and by working hard, I mean surfing the internet. So without further delay, here are my choices for the most unique blogs.

Online Games
Oh, did I say without further delay?  I lied, I had to post a link to this game, it's not very long, but once you start, you will definitely have to play to the end.

Blogs of Interest
I fell in love with this blog instantly.  The combination of this guys apparent self loathing and awkward sense of humor makes it both entertaining, and entirely unique.  I wish I could get  this guy to do a guest post.  If you're reading this gweenbrick, you're awesome.
Bwahaha!  The writer of this blog does a great job of writing with an original style, and mixing these cute pictures of flowers and unicorns with harsh language.  Okay, so she does a little more than that, she often puts a hilarious spin on an otherwise pretty mundane event.  It truly is an entertaining experience from one post to the next. It's blogs like this, and the one above that I could read all day.  Fresh, and original.
Do you like comic books?  Wait let me rephrase that, I don't really care what your answer is.  If you are a Marvel Comics fan, such as myself, then you will LOVE this blog.  They are attempting to recreate EVERY character from "The Official Handbook Of the Marvel Universe" and so far they are doing an immaculate job at it.
Back to the humorous, I think this one is very much one of a kind, the artwork is nice, and I am such a fan of randomness, which he throws into his work.  On an unrelated note, I hate spellcheck, it underlined the word "throws" in the line above, and I hate it even more after writing this sentence because it didn't underline it that time.  Spellcheck why do you want to make my life a living hell?
Art?  Check.  Unconventional and weird?  Check.  Monsters?  Hell yes plus a check.  What do you get when you put all of that together?  Unconventional art of weird monsters, or if you put all the words together you get Artconventioweirmonsters.  I'm really just antagonizing my spellcheck at this point.
If you were just looking for weird and unconventional art without the monsters, well what are the odds?  That's the best way I can describe this blog, mainly because it's not easy to compare it to anything else I've ever seen before.

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