Monday, November 5, 2012

4 Very Unique Blogs

4 Very Unique Blogs
As a blogger with a unique vision for my own posts, I've decided to pay homage to a few other blogs I've recently found that definitely break the mold.  There are tons of blogs out there, and I'd love to showcase any that are unconventional and intriguing.  Now, obviously so far, I have strayed from running with any one theme, but these five have done a great job at picking a topic that no one else would think of.  So yes, some of these are completely useless but have an original way of approaching the idea of blogging.   In no particular order, here goes:
Yep, these owls had a bit too much to drink the night before.  If you're looking for a bit of humor and awesome photos of owls that look drunk, I doubt you'll find an alternative to this blog.
In keeping with the theme of hiding very useful reference websites in between on the incredibly silly, this website offers tons of information in a very visually pleasing format.
Lots of one of a kind art, using less than conventional mediums.  Very cool, I'll definitely be visiting again.
Whoever made this blog is a genius in my mind.  I doubt they'll ever have to worry about competition in the blog world for their topic of choice.  Poor cheetos, isolated from their friends, and fated no never be eaten as they were meant to be.  That is, unless the homeless guy walking by doesn't adhere to the 45 minutes rule.

To the readers:  Feel free to add a comment and link us all to other unique blogs, even if they are your own.  But please refrain from posting links with adult content, thanks guys.

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