Friday, November 23, 2012

7 More Links To Kill Boredom

Are you still suffering from boredom?  Spending hours surfing through bland and boring websites?  Looking for something to distract you from having nothing to do?  Well here I am again to deliver you some handpicked websites that will hopefully make time fly by for you.  I know that while searching through the endless pool of flavorless websites, these ten stuck out from the rest, and some of these really made me lose track of time, so hopefully these will do the trick.  Here goes, in no particular order.

Zombie Knights
It should be no surprise that a Kongregate game makes the list.  In this game you play a zombie with ability to summon zombies and skeletons to fight at your side.  You also have other skills that you can purchase with the coins you collect.  There is a wide range of gear to collect/buy/wear, that can give you extra abilities that will help you defeat the waves of baddies that want your blood.

The Legend of Cat Lee
Apparently this game is influenced by a nick toon?  I don't know who Cat Lee is, and I would never have known this was a Nickelodeon game because it is so intense.  In this game, once again you are killing hordes of enemies, but this time you are shooting.  With a skill tree that reminds me of Final Fantasy X, a large variety of runes to collect, that can increase different attributes, and the ability to teleport, this game isn't like anything else I've played.  The number of levels and surprising difficulty make this game pretty hard to finish, but who wants a game that you can run through in five minutes?

Fly Guy
I don't know that I would really consider this one to be a game,  but it is pretty entertaining for what it really is, which an interactive cartoon of sorts.  It's artistic, it's abstract, the music is entertaining so be sure to play it with your sound on.  Also, upon playing it the second time around, I realized that I missed a few things, so try to fully explore from left to right before ascending any higher.

18 Games Like Minecraft Lens
Another Squidoo lens, this one features several games that are either almost exact clones of Minecraft, or have similar mechanics or concepts involved.  Many of these are free, and if you don't have the money (What was it $5?) to buy Minecraft, then simply use a free alternative.  If you've never tried Minecraft, either having never heard of it, or thought it didn't seem like something you'd enjoy, I dare you to try a free version, and tell me you spend countless hours playing this game.

Free PC Games
Well if Minecraft is just not your type of game, this Squidoo lens features a ton of free PC games, and everyone of them is the full version.  So if you're super bored, choose from a ton of free games to download, and try them out.  It's easy to kill boredom and lose track of time when you're fully immersed in a game you enjoy.

I Used to Believe
This is a pretty hilarious website where people list what they used to believe when they were younger.  Occasionally you'll run across one that doesn't really make any sense, as in it's incoherently written, but for the most part the posts are very entertaining, and might remind you of some of the silly things you used to believe when you were growing up.

This is really just a true or false game, but so many of the facts go against common knowledge that it's not as simple as you think, but it certainly is fun and addictive.  It also shows the percentage of people that have gotten it wrong before you even answer, I can't stay away.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my lens with 18 Minecraft alternatives. I just wanted to let you know that I updated the lens with some of my new favourites and I recently published an article with over 50 alternatives on Games Finder:

    I had so much fun reviewing them all, hope you enjoy them!