Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bringing You The Best Links

Bringing You The Best Links
Okay, I've given your brains enough time to recover from the last time I blasted through your cortex with amazingness.  Shut up spell check, you can underline amazingness all you want, but I'm not changing it.  Anyway, now it's time to slice through your face giant lava hot ninja star style with more random links.  I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Remember soundboards?  Well I don't particularly because I never really knew what their use was.  But I found this one entertaining as a hip hop fan.  It has just about every annoying adlib you can imagine from all of the most popular rappers.  Okay, so it's pretty much useless, but I can imagine clicking Too $hort's face every time I finish a sentence.
This site lets you draw with strands of silk.  Sounds mundane I know, but I tried for a good while to make something ugly, and it just isn't possible.  Also the background music made it so I just kept the tab open in the background while surfing.  Never has tweeting what I ate for breakfast felt so profound.
I know, doesn't sound very appealing.  [Long Pause]  Oh right I was writing a blog post.  Got carried away by this one for quite some time.  It's really quite simple, it drops a ball, you can draw lines that the ball will bounce against, and it makes a sound as it does so.  It will keep dropping balls, and you can end up drawing quite an elaborate design, this can turn into beautiful music, or terrible noise.  Then reset, and try it again with a completely different pattern.  You can also control the speed.  Sorry if that's a terrible description...just click the damn link, you'll enjoy it.
This one is probably as hard to explain as the last one.  I'll keep it short, make music with lots of combinations.  There's a little dude beatboxing, choose the beat, add another guy to sing the chorus, add another guy to sing the melody.  Customize said beat, chorus and melody with a few different options.  You have to try it to appreciate it.
Perfect site to go to after trying out balldroppings or incredibox, especially if you're like me and got a little out of control towards the end.  This is also a great website to keep open in tabs if you're doing any kind of writing, or if you just want a little peace.  I recommend setting it to 2 minutes, with no music and no guide.

I honestly can't get enough of this site.  I guess my sense of humor qualifies as anti-humor, because the majority of the time I say my jokes with a straight face, and people don't know I'm kidding.  Such a selfish type of humor, I know.  But you want to know what I think about anyone who doesn't get my sense of humor?  You really want to know?  Well okay, here goes, those people are all okay by me.
This showcases some of the biggest idiots in the world, and I put it under humor, but honestly after reading each one, instead of laughing I was just gritting my teeth.  How could people be so stupid?  And I remember wondering how Romney got as many votes as he I know.
The name says it all.  Plenty of funny stuff on this site that I haven't seen anywhere else.

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