Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wonderfully Strange History

Wonderfully Strange HistoryHey again everyone, it's Clove, and this time I've brought more links that lead to sites showcasing our strange and mysterious past.  As always I don't claim that all of these sites are packed with hard evidence, or solid truths, but they are always interesting to read.  Hope you enjoy.

Strange History posts the 10 most amazing unexplained artifacts.  I've read about most of these in numerous places, but the very first one on the list is new to me, could it be Thor's hammer?
Top 10 unexplained phenomenon from  Some of them aren't so mind blowing, but finding a toad in a piece of coal(or rock) has always been one of my favorites.
Another good top ten list from  If you think you know all of the weird things that happened in history, this one will probably surprise you.
This site goes into detail about a number of archeological oddities, and then does a good job at debunking them.  So whenever you read an article about some mysterious object found, go to this site, and it'll probably have a perfectly logical explanation for it.  But if you like the mystery, steer clear of this site. has a wonderful article about Gobekli Tepe, built approximately 11,600 years ago in Turkey, it makes archeologists rethink their theories of when civilization began.

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