Thursday, January 31, 2013

9 New Shows to Watch for in 2013

I won't lie, even though there are a ton of new television shows due to come out this year, it's looking pretty bleak as far as creativity.  I looked long and hard to compose this list of nine shows that might actually be worth watching, hope you enjoy.

Arrested Development

I know what you’re thinking, Arrested Development isn’t a new show, it was cancelled about seven years ago.  Well, that may be true, but that hasn’t stopped it from finally returning, from what I’ve read it seems like each episode will follow one character at a time to show what they’ve been up to since we last saw them, this is supposedly all supposed to lead to an Arrested Development movie.

Teen Titans Go!

All of the Teen Titans crew will be back, and everything I’ve read about it is making it seem like it’s more about their lives between all the super hero adventures, focusing on what it’s like for a group of super powered teens living together with no supervision.  Also it’s supposed to have a more comical feel, with episodes that only last eleven minutes.  It sounds like a good mix to me.

Beware The Batman

What!?  A new Batman series?  That’s all you have to say if you want me to give it a chance.  I can’t dislike anything that involves Batman, and even though this series will be computer animated (which reminds me of the short lived “Spider-Man:  The New Animated Series”) I still can’t see this series being anything but great.  Instead of Robin, he has a new sidekick named Katana, and this rendition of Alfred is a former secret agent, I think this will give the franchise a fresher feel.

Da Vinci’s Demons

Speaking of Batman, this series is written by David S. Goyer, the man that wrote Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight, as well as the Blade Trilogy.  Both and Wikipedia have rather short entries about this, but just based on what I expect for the writing, and that it’s going to be about a young Da Vinci that can see the future, I’ll give it a chance at the very least.  It also mentions that Leonardo was a swordfighter, I won’t miss an episode on the off chance that he gets transported into the future and transformed into a mutant turtle.

The Last Ship

Okay, so before I did a little research about this one it sounded like a great idea for a series.  Long story short, the crew of a naval destroyer realizes that the majority of the human population has fallen victim to a pandemic, leaving them unsure of how many survivors are out there.  This sounds like a pretty awesome premise in itself, add to the fact that Michael Bay is directing and it sounds like a solid series.  Then I dug a little deeper and realized that it’s not much like the book it’s based on, which might not necessarily be a bad thing, except the book sounds utterly badass, so the show has potential, and if nothing else, I will definitely be reading the novel.

Under The Dome

It was originally a book written by Stephen King, with Steven Spielberg involved in production, that alone should have you listening.  On a day just like any other, a small town in Maine is incased in an enormous is sealed off from the world in an invisible bubble.  Families are separated, and everyone is left wondering where this enormous dome came from, while the community is broken and basically in a state of chaos, there is only limited time to find a way out.  (Check out slash for more details.

In The Flesh

We can probably all agree that as far as zombie series’ go, there is no topping Walking Dead, but this series, which is only three parts, looks at the whole idea from a new perspective.  In this scenario, after a zombie attack, somehow the government finds a way to reintroduce them into society.  It is said to be more about the nature of humanity as well what exactly death means.  It sounds like a very original idea, let’s see what comes of it.  (Want more?

The Hundred

I couldn’t find much information about this one, but from what I could hunt down, it’s set in a post apocalyptic world, where 100 delinquents return to a very different Earth, they are the only hope of repopulating the human race.  It may not be the most revolutionary idea, but it is definitely noteworthy among the lists of terribly cliché ideas.

The Sixth Gun

Again it was hard to find information on the show idea, but then again it’s just being picked up for a pilot, just like “The Hundred” above, so we can only hope that they turn into a series.  The Sixth Gun is based on the comic of the same name, which focuses on six guns that grant different magical powers to whoever is in possession of them, each gun connects to an individual for life.  However the cast, script and directing work out, it’s got to be better than that celebrity diving show.

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