Friday, February 1, 2013

5 Fun and Addictive Flash Games

Been looking for more flash games that are actually fun and worth your time?  Try these

Elephant Quest

I've skipped over this flash game more times than I can count, neither the name, or any screenshot I've seen, made me want to play it.  But for some reason, I guess after trying every other flash game I could come across, I decided to give it a try, boy, am I glad I did.  You don't have to like elephants to enjoy this game, you're strapped with a laser gun on your back, you have to navigate through numerous stages filled with baddies, when you kill enough of them you level up.  The skill tree is huge, the dialogue is humorous, and there are a ton of upgrades that make this game one of my personal favorites.  Did I mention the elephant with a laser gun?

Burrito Bison Revenge

Sounds like three random words with nothing in common, but it is also the name of a very addictive game.  You are a wrestler(which has nothing to do with the game) that flings himself out of the ring, crowdsurfing on gummy bears, doing his best not to hit the ground.  At first, it will feel like there's not much to do, that is until you start upgrading, and find yourself in a police cruiser or a rocket, oh and the best part if when you turn into a poptart that somehow uses a rainbow for propulsion.  Good times await with this game.

Learn to Fly 2

In this game, you take control of a penguin with the goal of flying as far as you can.  Whoever said penguins can't fly, obviously has never heard of a hang glider. Everything is upgradeable, and the further you fly, the more points you can spend on upgrading all of your equipment, it's also pretty humorous, don't miss out.

Monster Legions

Ever played a side scrolling battle game where you can summons swordsmen, archers and fire mages?  Haven't we all?  How about one where you can summon giant scorpion riders, giant spiders and rock golems?  There are a large variety of units to bring into battle, even treefolk, and giant wurms, and the best part is you have to earn them.  This game has a lot going for it, with it's original card based summoning stystem, after every battle you win, you are rewarded with a card that allows you to summon a certain unit.  It takes time to build the ultimate army, think you can do it?

Clan Wars 2

Another side scrolling war game where you summon units, because it's one of the best kinds of games there are, duh.  You start off every level with lowly goblins, but the more opponents you kill, the more money, experience, magic abilities, and unit types you unlock.  By the end of each match you'll be sending out wolf riders, and lava golems, and giant demons.  You pick from three heroes at the beginning and each of them plays a little different, so it's worth it to go back and replay with each one.

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