Friday, February 8, 2013

5 Vehicles That Would Make Badass Transformers

We've seen a wide array of machines and vehicles as Autobots and Decepticons in the three Transformers movies, but there are many other machines that would either dwarf the largest in the movies, or be much deadlier or quicker.  So I'm going to compose a list in no particular order of machines and forms of transportation that could be amazing to see made into Transformers, even if it's not feasible for the movie budget.

1. MS Val Brasil

I started with this one because I read that Michael Bay actually planned on including Tidal Wave (a bot whose alternative form is an aircraft carrier) in the movies, but it was cut because it wouldn't have been affordable.  This gal is a little longer than an aircraft carrier, and about twice as heavy, just for fun I'll include some measurements, so we can all imagine just how large of a Transformer we're talking here.  Besides it's monstrous size, it also has the ability to go aquatic, so if it did ever face a fight it couldn't win, it has an alternative method of travel besides Godzilla-stomping through cities.

Size: 1,187 ft long, and 213 ft wide, originally over 400,000

2. The X-43

The X-43 gained the title of world's fastest unmanned aircraft in 2004, which would make it a valuable ally when fighting giant transforming machines.  "Scramjet" seems to be a suitable Transformer name, it's only problem is it has to be hoisted in the air by a carrier plane.

Speed:  7,546 mph

3. 797

Although Long Haul is a 773B, which is a monstrous dump truck, there was originally some fanart that depicted him as a 797.  To make it a little clearer, based on what I read, by comparison the 797 is 8 ft taller, 15 ft longer and 12 ft wider.  I've read that the bot depicted in the movies as Long Haul, is the size a bot should be if it were the alternate form of a 979, but the truck he turns into is a 773B for some reason.  Either way, it'd be much cooler to see this bad boy rolling around in the movie, because it's a much larger truck.  (Information from username David Hingtgen found in this thread)

Size:  25 ft tall, 49.5 ft long, and weights of 1 million lbs.

4. Thrust SSC
It's the fastest land vehicle ever, it looks badass to begin with, it's size would make it a comparable bot in any battle, and the enormous turbofan engines would enable the bot to fly, for short bursts at the least.  I would think Mean Streak would be a nice Transformer name for this guy.

Speed:  763 mph

Size:  54 ft long, 12 ft wide, and it weights 10.5 tons

5. Antonov An-225

Remember when I referenced a carrier plane a few vehicles back?  Well that's what this big boy is, what other aircraft do you know that can wear a space shuttle as a backpack?  It could probably carry most of the other Transformers in it's belly, being the largest airplane on Earth, it is capable of carrying almost 1 million pounds.  The Hughes H-4 Hercules has a slightly longer wingspan, and a greater height, but isn't nearly as long, or heavy, not to mention Hercules only flew once.  Hercules would be a suitable name for this guy though should he appear in the movie, the space shuttle can even be his sidekick.

Size:  275 ft long, wingspan is 290 ft, weighs over 600,000 lbs empty, and can carry nearly 1 million lbs.

Speed:  850 mph

(To be continued)

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