Sunday, February 3, 2013

Strangely Weird & Unusually Bizarre

Most Bizarre Looking Sharks on Earth

Man, just when you think there aren't any species out there that are completely foreign to you, you find a page like this.  I always assume that any animals this crazy looking, would have appeared in one of my searches in the past, I mean, sure a good number of these I recognize, but some of them were brand new to me, and man do they look weird.

13 Inch Daddy Longlegs

I find a lot of articles in the Huffington Post's weird section that peak my interest.  This one is about one of the largest ones ever known, that was found in a cave in South America.  If you visit the link, you'll probably find it worth your time to explore more of their content, as it's updated pretty frequently with strange stories.

Live Shark Falls Out of the Sky

You've got to love how some things in this world defy explanation.  Even if there is a suitable scientific explanation as to why a 2 ft. long live shark fell out of the sky onto this golf course, it still stretches
your imagination.  It's never as interesting to know why, the fun is wondering about all of the possibilities, even if there is a logical reason.  Maybe NASA was sending a shark into space and it learned to eject, but then why wasn't it equipped with a parachute?  The world may never know.

Mysterious Purple Spheres Found in the Desert

They look like the eggs of some aquatic or amphibious creature had it been fertilized by an extraterrestrial.  There are a few theories included in the comments section, but I like to believe these are the bath beads of an alien race that visited Earth just after leaving an interstellar Bed Bath & Beyond.

300 Million Year Old Gear?

One again there could always be a logical explanation as to why this piece of machinery was found imbedded in coal that dates back hundreds of millions of years.  Of course if it is proof of ancient alien visitation, it makes you wonder how advanced their technology could be if they're using alloys that we recognize, in addition to the fact that it broke off in the first place.  I like to believe they'd be using lasers and telekinesis to do any sort of mining.

Feather Emerges From Baby's Neck

Here's to hoping that the doctor's rather mundane explanation is inaccurate, because how much cooler would it be if this baby was actually the beginning of the next step in evolution.  Might we finally be mutating into super powered beings with the ability to fly?

Green Children of Woolpit

This is probably nothing more than a fable that stretches back hundreds of years, but nonetheless it is steal one of the more interesting mysteries in the realm of the bizarre.  Sure it's possible that both children suffered from hypochromic anemia, but it's much more fun to imagine them crawling out of the Hollow Earth and emerging in someone's farm.

Encyclopedia of Britain's Mysteries

This link leads to a very large list of mysteries and legends of Britain.  I found it when I was looking for more information about the story of the Green Children of Woolpit, and will be going through it to pick out some of the more interesting ones to include in a future post.

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